9 Signs She Is Really Into You

Have you been seeing a woman for a while, or just started a new relationship, and you’re not 100% sure how to know if she likes you? Women can be confusing and complicated (I would know being a woman myself haha). We’re not always easy to read and we often don’t communicate well what we want to say to you deep down.

Most women tend to think that we can just “hint” at something, and you should be able to decode exactly what we are saying. Men, I’m sure you can name at least one woman you’ve previously dated who was like this. It just doesn’t work this way.

If you’re involved with a woman right now, whether in a long-term, monogamous relationship or not, and you’re trying to figure out how much she cares about you, here are a few of the signs that she likes you to look out for. If a woman is falling for you, she will exhibit a few of the signs she's into you below, including:

Taking What You Say To Heart

When a woman is starting to care deeply for you, she makes you a priority in her life. When you become a priority in her life, she starts to invest more in you and wants to get to know you on a deeper level. She wants to have conversations with you surrounding your dreams, plans, goals, thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

In turn, everything that you share with her she takes to heart, especially when any of your plans, dreams, goals, thoughts, feelings, and opinions revolve around anything to do with her and your potential future together. A woman falling for you actively wants to know all these things as they weigh heavily into the future decisions she makes and her thoughts about her plans. This is a big sign that a woman likes you.

Enjoying The Simple Dates Too

Now don’t get me wrong, even the most laid-back, low-maintenance woman on the planet would get excited over the idea of a man wanting to spoil her and treat her like a princess. And any woman who denies this is a liar. That being said, when a woman she starts to develop deeper feelings and interest for a man, she focuses a lot less on the type of date and how much money a man is spending on her, and more on the quality amount of time she is getting to spend with him overall.

A woman who is starting to become more seriously interested in a man doesn’t expect to be wined and dined all the time and will enjoy the simple dates together too. For her, what matters most is not about the amount of money that is being spent, but how thoughtful the date is and the fact that you are fully focused on her in the moment during quality time together.

Some simple date ideas that are thoughtful and allow you to bond together could include cooking a romantic dinner together at home, planning and putting together a picnic lunch in the park, and even taking her on a romantic walk around a lake. A woman who is falling for you will love these types of dates just as much as the more expensive, fancy dates you also do together.

Spending More Time With You

When someone is starting to get closer to you and develop feelings further, it’s only natural that you both would want to spend more and more quality time together. Quality time can be shown in ways such as more frequent or longer phone calls and video chats together, meeting up more often for in-person dates, or having weekly sleepovers that are more often or could last longer.

When a woman is choosing to give you more of her time, she is implicitly telling you through her actions that you are important to her. She is prioritizing you in a way over other things and other people in her life. She is investing more time, energy, and possibly resources into you and your (potential) relationship together. This is a big sign on how to know if a woman likes you.

Doing Things To Make You Happy

When a woman is starting to like you a lot, your happiness is something that she strongly cares about as well. When a woman is happy, then you are happy as well. Some women out there (including myself) love to go the extra mile to make our men even happier in life and show how much we care about them through doing things for you “just because.”

I’m a big believer that it’s the small things that truly matter in a relationship, and my partner and I go above and beyond to demonstrate this to each other daily. Granted, we’re not perfect (no one is after all), but what we do for each other “just because” is what truly keeps our relationship thriving.

A woman will show she truly cares for you through doing things she knows will make you happy. Something may be as simple as buying you a small gift on the way home from a trip, picking up your favourite candy, chocolate, or beer for you if she knows you’ve been having a hard day, or surprising you one morning with a little love note on the nightstand.

Talking To You And About You A Lot

When a woman is starting to fall for you hard and is happy with being with you (whether you are just seeing each other/going on dates or in a more exclusive relationship), her face will light up the moment you start to talk to her or your name comes up in conversation.

She becomes excited and bubbly not only when she gets to talk to you (especially if the topic is around the two of you and your relationship with each other), but when talking about you even in conversation with others, such as her friends and family members. When a woman is starting to fall for a man, she wants to tell the world about it. She finds every way possible in conversation to bring you up and speak to the amazing man that you are.

Some women can become even so enthralled by who you are and how happy you make her, that she wants to share it with the whole world. Everyone from her mechanic to the cashier at the store knows at least briefly something about you. Don’t worry, she’s not sharing random private details with everyone. She’s just so happy that you make her so happy, she has to share it with everyone. Take this as a major compliment and one of the signs she's into you.

“Claiming” You As Hers

I can imagine some guys’ hearts out there started beating faster as they were experiencing what felt like a panic attack due to the image of a “ball and chain” popping up into their heads as they read this headline. Calm down, she’s not trying to take away any of your freedoms or individuality. The term “claiming” is done in a very subtle way (and not as extreme as you might be thinking).

Men are often stereotyped as being competitive, and even territorial, with the things (or women) that they want and/or have in their life. But men aren’t the only ones thought to exhibit these traits as well. Even the most secure woman can get a bit territorial with her man or a man that she’s wanting to become “her” man, and that’s normal when you are starting to become more invested and develop deeper feelings for someone.

Now how does she “claim” you as hers? She’ll do it in a variety of subtle ways like holding your hand, putting an arm around you, or kissing your check when around other people, and especially if another woman is around or close to you.

Speaking Your Love Language

If you aren’t familiar with what love languages are, they are based on a theory by Gary Chapman, an American author and radio talk show host. According to Chapman, the five ways that we all can express and experience love are called “love languages” and they are:

  • Words of Affirmation

  • Quality Time

  • Receiving Gifts

  • Acts of Service

  • Physical Touch

When a woman is aware of your primary love language (how you give and receive love) and chooses to specifically take the initiative and go out of her way to speak your love language, this is one of the strong signs she likes you. She is doing what will make you feel most happy and desired by her.

Using “We” and “Us” In Conversations

When people are single, they often use the term “I” within conversations when they are talking about things like what they are up to for the day, what their plans are for the weekend, or their goals for the future. When someone comes into your life, and you start to slowly get more and more into them, your mindset starts to change.

When you become involved with a woman, over time your words and language start to shift. Some couples even describe it similar to a “melding” process where the two of you become one person in a way. This is where the term “I” slowly starts to shift into the terms “we” and “us” when you describe your daily and weekend plans, as well as future goals.

When a woman starts using the terms “we” and “us” in her conversations with you, friends, family, etc. then she is starting to solidify your strong bond together, and implicitly communicate that you are both together and are now a couple. This also leads to my next sign which is….

Talking About The Future

One of the biggest signs that you know a woman truly cares about you is when she talks about the future – and includes you in it. A high-value woman is someone who is a planner and has already planned out certain aspects of her future – where she sees herself in a year, 5 years, 10 years, etc.

When she starts making new plans for her future or incorporates you into her plans already, she is showing through her actions that she is really falling hard for you and can already see that long-term future with you. Her plans can include anything from date plans 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc. into the future, or plans that are even more long-term like engagement, moving in together, marriage, and a family.

If she’s talking about all these things with you, then she’s really into you and is planning for the long haul towards a long-term, monogamous relationship together.


Author: Rebecca Bartley, Dating & Relationship Coach for Single Men

Rebecca Bartley is the Founder/Dating & Relationship Coach for Dating Bites, a coaching company dedicated to helping single men tackle their dating and relationship issues to attract their dream woman and form a long-lasting relationship together. With over 10 years worth of industry knowledge and experience when it comes to dating and relationships, Rebecca has been coaching both men and women to become more successful in their relationships and the dating world overall. If you are interested in working one-on-one with Rebecca, click here to book a FREE Strategy Call with her to start seeing results and improving your love life today!