7 Habits Confident Men Do Daily

Did know that confidence is continuously rated the #1 sexiest quality a man could have? Every woman out there is looking for a confident man (and you should be looking for a confident woman too). Having confidence and a healthy self-esteem level allows you to attract high-value, sexy, confident women your way.

The "Law of Attraction" Mentality

In fact, this is very closely related to the mentality behind the "Law of Attraction," which is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we believe in and focus our thoughts on. Summed up, this law shares with us this idea that "like" energy will specifically seek out the same "like" energy from others. So negative energy attracts negative energy back and positive energy attracts positive energy back our way.

I know it might sound a bit "woo-hoo," but it is actually a scientifically backed principal. So when you exude confidence, a healthy self-esteem, and a positive mindset, woman will be strongly attracted to you. If you have the opposite however, then women won't want to come anywhere near you.

So if your desire is to attract your dream woman into your life, the "Law of Attraction" believes, in basic terms, that your energy, the way you carry yourself, and the thoughts that you have, will eventually manifest itself to meet your desire. So if you build yourself and your mindset/thoughts up in a positive way, then you will end up finding a way to attract your dream woman into your life.

Confidence Equals Security

Being confident with a healthy amount of self-esteem and a positive mindset not only allows you security in knowing that you will attract your dream woman into your life, but it allows you to have security in so much more.

Confidence allows you to be secure in knowing who you are, the traits you posses, and your abilities. It's an inner knowledge that you are an amazing person and are capable of showcasing these awesome traits and abilities you have to the world. It's security that you are in control of yourself and your life.

On the other hand, low confidence and self-esteem can make you doubt yourself, become passive or submissive, or have difficulty in opening up and trusting others. It might even make you feel inferior and not worthy of being loved.

By suffering from low confidence and self-esteem, you are standing in the way of achieving what you really want - an amazing dating life, attracting a high-quality woman, and living the life of your dreams with a long-lasting relationship where you are loved for the wonderful person you are.

Imagine Your World With Confidence

Just imagine this: You walk into a bar filled with men and women. Your posture is straight, chest puffed out. You know what a catch you are and these other guys have nothing compared to you. You walk by a group of women as they check you out, their eyes gazing up and down, and they whisper to each other.

You see the most beautiful woman in the room and you lock eyes with her and smile. You walk over to her with no hesitation and tell her how beautiful she is and ask if you can buy her a drink. She giggles, smiles and says "Yes" and you sit down next to her and start up a conversation.

When you showcase your confidence in yourself and own who you are, women will be tripping over themselves to talk to you or to get them giggling like a schoolgirl just because you gave them a compliment.

Confidence Attracts Your Dream Woman

The best piece of advice that was passed on to me was the fact that every person out there – man or woman – has a type, and everyone has different types! Some women love men who are rocking a dad bod and other women love a guy with a skinnier frame. Some women love short men and some love a man who is 7 feet tall.

So what does this mean? This means that there are women out there who will find you sexy just the way you are! And when you learn to own your confidence and realize how amazing you are through a positive mindset, you will start to attract high-quality women your way, and even your dream woman too!

Increase Your Confidence Starting Today

So how can you start becoming more confident in your life? Becoming the man you dream of becoming? The man who is confident enough to attract his dream woman into his life? Well, the answer begins with YOU. To become more confident, raise your self-esteem, and become more positive with your mindset, you need to take an active role on working on this on a daily basis.

Some men out there believe you need to be born with confidence, when in fact, confidence is actually a learned trait. And it doesn't happen overnight. It takes daily work building up daily habits. To get you started on becoming a high-quality man with a healthy amount of self-esteem, I want to share with you just a few habits that you can start implementing into your daily routine.

These habits are actively practiced on a daily basis by the most confident men out there. And you can become one of these men too!

Confident Men Trust Their Gut Instincts

Confident men trust their intuitions and they learn how to go with their gut feelings, especially when making a challenging decision. True leaders, which are confident men, are decisive and go with what they know is best. Now this doesn't mean that they are necessarily impulsive by nature as well too. Confident men are in fact instinctual, but they also make sure to think things through on a critical level and from every angle before making a decision.

Confident Men See Opportunities Everywhere

Whenever you are faced with a challenge or something you are not familiar with, how do you respond? Confident men choose to rise up to the challenge and face it head-on, while men who lack confidence, find challenges often too daunting and shy away from facing them. Confident men, in fact, embrace a challenge with open arms because they often look at it as an opportunity to grow and learn, whether they succeed or fail.

When you grow in confidence, you realize that something worth doing is going to challenge you in life. And if it's not difficult? Then it's just not worth doing at all. In fact, for a confident man, if it doesn't excite and scare you at the same time, then it's just not worth it. Confident men see opportunities on a daily basis to help them become even better men in life.

Confident Men Go After What They Want

What are your goals in life? What type of woman do you want? What dreams would you love to one day come true? Men who lack confidence sit around thinking about all the great things they would love to have in their life one day. Confident men do this as well. However, the difference between these two types of men is that confident men also take action with these thoughts.

In fact, a confident man knows exactly what he wants, plans out how he is going to get it, and takes action to get it. He always knows and believes that he is going to get what he wants too. At the end of the day, no matter what happens, you have to believe that you are capable of getting what you want. You know from this blog post alone that the "Law of Attraction" is a real thing and you attract your desires by believing they're possible.

Confident Men Take Risks On A Daily Basis

Now by taking risks, this doesn't necessarily mean risking your life or making a stupid choice to put your life or others at risk. This is not what I mean when I share that confident men take risks on a daily basis. When I say this, I mean that confident men attempt to reach their goals by any means necessary, even if it means not taking the easiest route.

A confident man knows how important his goals are and what he must do to accomplish them. So for example, when it comes to finding love, a confident man shows courage through approaching a woman and talking to her with no fear (or at least, not showing fear outwardly). And if he gets rejected by said woman? A confident man doesn't take it personally, shrugs it off, and continues on his path.

Confident Men Show Empathy, Not Arrogance

Truly confident men are not arrogant or egotistical in nature. No matter who you are interacting with in life, a confident man does not put others down in an attempt to build himself up. For example, no matter his line of work, a confident man will treat everyone the same, from the receptionist to the maintenance man, all the way up the corporate ladder to the CEO of the company. He is not above anyone in his books.

Men who lack confidence often feel the need to tear others down in order to attempt to build themselves up with a fake sense of confidence. Being condescending, rude, mean, and acting superior shows insecurity, not true confidence. Confident men have the ability to relate to others and empathize with them while gaining their trust.

Confident Men Act Like The Winners They Already Are

Think about your goals and the dreams that you want to achieve one day. Do you think you will be successful one day at achieving them? Men who lack confidence always live in the world of "what ifs" and "maybe someday" without taking any action. That's why a lot of men who lack confidence tend not to accomplish their goals and just take life the way it is (instead of seizing the day).

Confident men already know they are winners because they are taking action towards being successful with achieving their goals and dreams. As a confident man, you know that you will succeed in whatever you try, whether it is getting that promotion or that date with the woman of your dreams. Sure you may stumble a bit, but ultimately you will never give up because you know you will be successful one day.

Confident Men Have A Strong Sense of Self

You can't be a confident man if you don't know who you are and accept yourself. This is why self-love is so key to being a confident man. In fact, you can't even attract your dream woman into your love and love her truly in the best way possible, until you love yourself first. When you can love yourself and have that confidence, you know what you deserve ultimately.

A confident man practices self-love and self-care in every way, including mentally and physically. You take the time to learn more about self-appreciation and don't seek others approval of you first. Because confident men also don't people please or do what others want them to do just to fit in. They are comfortable with exactly the way they are and they own it. Confident men own their confidence.


Author: Rebecca Bartley, Dating & Relationship Coach for Single Men

Rebecca Bartley is the Founder/Dating & Relationship Coach for Dating Bites, a coaching company dedicated to helping single men tackle their dating and relationship issues to attract their dream woman and form a long-lasting relationship together. With over 10 years worth of industry knowledge and experience when it comes to dating and relationships, Rebecca has been coaching both men and women to become more successful in their relationships and the dating world overall. If you are interested in working one-on-one with Rebecca, click here to book a FREE Strategy Call with her to start seeing results and improving your love life today!