I help you with discovering who exactly your dream woman is and how you can find her out there in the dating world based on who you are. We dive into the nitty-gritty of exactly who she is and who she isn't. We explore your dating standards to ensure that you only attract and date high-quality women. We uncover together the modern dating world nuances and deep dive into your emotional and mental being in order to make dating fun, exciting, and sexy again for you.

I help you eliminate any blocks in your path that are preventing you from achieving self-love and realizing your worthiness to achieve love and a long-lasting relationship with your dream woman. I help you with building up your confidence, self-esteem, and mindset so that how people actually see you aligns with how you want to be seen. I help you with bridging the gap between logic and emotion and how to balance both when navigating a variety of dating and relationship situations.

I help you master the dating game as a high-quality man that women have been dying to meet. With the knowledge, technique, and tools as well as your very being, you will get to become a "breath of fresh air" to each woman you meet. You will learn how you can put yourself out there more, how to "read" a woman, how to communicate effectively in a way that turns a woman on, how to establish boundaries and standards, and ultimately eliminate the guesswork and assumptions that often dissolve relationships.

I help you on how to effectively make a woman happy in a way that lights you up too and while being authentically who you are. I teach you how to create a spark and express attraction, a perfect marriage between what you want to do and what you need to do to move forward from that first date, into multiple dates, into a relationship commitment, and beyond. I help you believe in yourself and the magic you posses within, so that your dream woman has the opportunity to become instantly attracted to you.

I can easily understand why you can feel so lost when it comes to understanding women, how we think, and how we work. After all, majority of men out there don't talk to other men about dating, relationships, and finding and falling in love. Not your father, not your uncle, not your cousin, not your group of friends, and not any male role model in your life.


It's just something that majority of men don't talk about with each other. And it's because of this, men struggle with things like low confidence and self-esteem issues and negative mindsets when it comes to dating, relationships, and women in general.

As a society, we have failed you when it comes to teaching you about relationships and women. I want to change this.



"Rebecca gives amazing advice and I love working with her on a regular basis to help me navigate the dating world. Thanks to her I've quickly learned how to spot the red flags early on when talking to a woman. Rebecca has helped me more in my dating life than she realizes and I can't thank her enough." — Joseph B.


When it comes to love and relationships, single men like yourself are in need of the most help in our society. After all, I truly believe that the happiness begins within and extends into our relationships in life. The relationships with ourselves, family, friends, and yes, romantic interests as well. Deep down, we all have strong desires for love and connection. To just feel wanted and needed and attractive. Because this is what matters most at the end of the day, is to love and be loved by others. It is so personal deep within our hearts. And I am deeply passionate about the work that I do.

As a woman, I have hundreds of online dating & relationship coaches (both male and female) out there at the click of a button to teach me about "falling in love," "how to find my prince charming," and "how to attract high-quality men my way." However when I did this same search for a single man like yourself on the same subject, I found less than a handful of coaches in my area. And the ones that I did find? They were all male coaches teaching other men. 


Now nothing against these male coaches, but frankly, no man knows a woman better than a woman herself. I also don't teach you pick-up artist tricks and manipulation tactics like these male coaches do. Because I believe in genuine connections and forming a genuine relationship with your dream woman right at the start in order to have a long-lasting and happy relationship together.


I realized that there are no female coaches in my area (and even within my country) that specifically only work with single men (such as yourself) to coach from a woman's perspective on how to attract their dream woman into their life for a long-lasting relationship. WOW. What a statement that makes to me. And that tells me a lot where you single men are at when it comes to dating and relationships in the modern world of today.

I truly believe in living your best life possible right in the moment, and that it is possible to have everything you desire in life with hard work, determination and desire. I believe that our past can teach us, our present can push us to action, and our future is not set in stone. I believe that the world around us is an adventure just waiting to be explored, a playground for our mind to go wild with imagination, and the people in it are wanting to be surrounded by the energy we put out into the world and be a part of our lives. I also believe that everyone has a story to share and all of our stories are different.

Love is deeply personal part of our world, our life, and our story. The relationships surrounding us throughout our lives help to mold us into the unique person that we are. Because no two single men are the same, my work is highly customized and deeply personal to speak to your story, your goals, and your desires. My coaching approach incorporates areas of psychology, human behaviour, and science, emotional and energy attraction, self-awareness and self-love, bold and confident action, and a no bullshit attitude.

I help you discover the badass, confident, sexy man you are, have fun enjoying the exciting world of dating, meet high-quality women who are turned on by exactly who you are, and fall in love and attract your dream woman for a long-lasting relationship.

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