With over 10 years worth of industry knowledge, understanding, and experience when it comes to dating and relationships, I work with amazing single men like yourself to...

Boost confidence, self-esteem, and mindset levels to help gain full love life control again 

Provide education about the modern dating landscape (including online dating and how to date during a global pandemic)

Share the tools and knowledge to feel confident again in conquering the dating world

Provide understanding in how women think and why we do the things that we do

Encourage more time spent enjoying the act of dating instead of stressing about the next move

Improve sex lives and intimacy while encouraging better relationships with women

Clarify what romantic "success" looks like and build out strategies to meet determined goals and desires

Shine a spotlight on the amazing and positive qualities to become a high-quality man who deserves a high-quality partner in life



"Rebecca and I worked together and it really made me think about what I should be doing moving forward in my dating life. She gave me lots of good advice and strategies to implement. I know the things Rebecca shared with me will lead me to find the love of my life." — Joe B.


As the Founder/Dating & Relationship Coach of Dating Bites, I am dedicated to helping single men (like you!) with tackling their dating and relationship issues to attract their dream woman and form a long-lasting relationship together.

My goal is to help you become a successful and confident dater, and in turn, find that dream woman you seek for a long-lasting relationship.


Throughout my career and my journey, I've helped many people on the way to overcome their dating and relationship issues and challenge themselves to become higher-quality people both in life and in love.

Whether you lack the confidence and suffer from low self-esteem and dating anxiety, are too shy and need help talking to women and making a good first impression, or you just simply don't know what you are doing wrong in the dating world and why you can't seem to "get it right," I can help you!

Helping single men, such as yourself, be successful in the dating world to attract high-quality women (and even find that dream partner!) is my passion in life. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you to create an amazing and positive change within not only your dating life, but in turn, your life overall.


The personal and business values Dating Bites follows include...


Blunt Honesty - I won't bullshit you and will call you out on your bullshit too (in a nice way though)


Trust - What you choose to share with me is always kept confidential and discretion matters

Respect - I promise to always be respectful and professional towards you and I expect the same in return


Connection - I believe in forming authentic and genuine connections and will not teach you to manipulate people/women

Openness - Be open to the process of attracting a long-lasting relationship your way while not make limiting excuses

Communication - I won't tell you what you want to hear but I will tell you what you need to hear

Hard Work Ethic - I won't solve your problems for you, but I will give you everything you need to help you solve them

Empowerment - You are a sexy and confident man who deserves a long-lasting relationship with a high-value partner


Self-Love - I encourage the belief that you need to love yourself before you can love another and find success in your love life


Is it time to find that long-lasting love?